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Our newest launch: Children music mobile application for IETV

A new mobile application for the Israeli Educational Television (channel 23). Goals: simplicity, designed for children, all video content managed by Youtube playlists   Client is satisfied

Things we did

Swiss leading social television. We do leading business development and product positioning (current)

Israel Educational TV (ietv):

New TV portal, Concept and project management (current)
Global UGC video/web platform.Owned by Mapal/Dori Media

East-European TV Satellite Provider
A news and video content based website for a satellite multi-channel TV provider
Managing the Internet Campaign in the USA of a new kids portal
Concept, Information Architecture and project management
Project management
Israel's leading news portal. Of original founding team

Many fantasy sport games – off the air),,  etc.

And more…

Who we are


We are digital tailors.

We try to learn something new every day.

We believe that if you want to change, be the change

We live on the digital universe.


What we do

Detailed Information Architecture.

Advanced Content Solutions

Digital marketing expertise.

We have proved track record in:

  • Full end-to-end portal content solutions and upgrades
  • Marketing & sales - strategy and methodology, direct campaign management and media buying 
  • Mass cross platform development 
  • Youtube & Facebook - social planning, community building, organic growth boosting, copyright and claim management
  • Business planning & modeling
  • Research - product, competitive analysis & launch strategies
  • Content management design
  • User generated content driven platforms
  • Digital sport platforms 

Why us?

We never mass produce.

We never make assumptions. We listen.

We cherry pick our projects.

We are actually very nice.


About us

Omri Dolev & Giora Farber. That's us. That's it.


47 years old.

Married (not to each other)

Among Israel's leading digital personnel, with extensive and proven track record.

Are childhood friends.

Have 5 kids (together).

2 wives (together).

One cat (Giora).

Play electric bass guitar & love loads of rock & roll.

Why yonyon?
Because of our two firstborns (Yonatan and Yonatan).

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